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sign ups logo

Sign Ups

Managing volunteers since 2010.

Our Sign Ups plugin has been tried and tested via thousands of volunteer driven events over the years. Not only does Sign Ups make sign up forms simple to create, but provides powerful reporting to boot!

Sign Ups can be used on any WordPress site, big or small, and is simply the most powerful volunteer management tool on the market.


  • Customizable front pages
  • Auto shift creation
  • Custom field collection
  • Extensive volunteer reporting
  • Time and point tracking
project notebooks logo

Project Notebooks

The committee chair's binder for the future.

Never lose another notebook full of information or recreate an event's to-do list again. With Project Notebooks, you can track meeting minutes, event budgets, various notes, tasks and event milestones. And with our special "link to event start date" feature, you can simply copy a notebook from year to year and the notebook will send you automatic reminders of what needs to get done from year to year.

We've heard Project Notebooks called everything from a "life-saver" to a "can't live without it" tool. Make sure your next event, committee get together or board meeting has Project Notebooks for its next gathering.


  • Budget tracking
  • Meeting minutes
  • Note taking
  • Task management and reminders
  • Front-end displays
  • Event milestones